Three Tips and Tricks for Today’s Transitioner


Transitioning is not one of those things that an individual wanting to go from a relaxed-state to a natural-state of hair texture can call easy.  It takes extreme patience, dedication and alteration of one’s current mindset on how to deal with their hair.

It’s like getting hired for a new job out of your field.  You will leave behind most of all the regimens and practices that you have developed to learn something completely new and completely different.
But don’t approach it with discouragement.  It may not be the easiest task to take on, and it doesn’t have to be the hardest either.  Below, I have three tips for a today’s transitioner that may make your transition a little easier:

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Keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible with low manipulation hairstyles.  The last thing you want to do is always have to worry about what style you’re going to do next all on top of dealing with two textures of hair in your head.  It’s too much to think about and can leave us feeling discouraged and ready to “slap a perm in our heads” (that’s a direct quote that I happen to hear A LOT).  Get hip to styles such as braids, twists, roller sets, flexi rod sets, braid outs, buns, bantu knot outs, and twist outs, all of which embrace and enhance both textures of hair.

Avoid using heat tools.  I’m not going to say “altogether” because there are going to be times that you want to straighten your hair or sit under a dryer to speed up the styling process.  Use heat in moderation when completing those styles.  I dealt with a little heat damage when I first big chopped because I used heat regularly on my hair.  I didn’t know any better – there were little to no resources on natural hair then.  Now that I am completely natural and have the ability to reflect, I would have definitely styled my hair in more styles that didn’t require a lot of heat.  Relaxed or natural, too much heat is never good for you!  And with the transition, the line of demarcation (as mentioned here) is just too weak to handle all the manipulation AND heat.  
Air Dry > Hooded Dryers > Direct Heat Styling Tools.
Be GENTLE with your strands.  This is the best time to invest in the best natural hair product ever made: patience.  Invest in a good detangling comb to reduce excessive breakage during the detangling process.  Use a satin or silk pillowcase, bonnet or scarf to protect your tresses from drying out and snagging on fabrics.
How is your transitioning process going?  Are you already implementing some of these tips/tricks?
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