Keeping a Clean Scalp

It’s like crawling into a bed from a long day outside without washing your body or your face!  Your scalp is the bed to your crown of glory, so how could you expect to grow beautiful locs if your scalp is dirty?

I know there are times in which I wear protective styles such as mini twists, and choose not to use shampoo and conditioner to cleanse my scalp.  Unbeknownst to some, I keep a clean scalp.  Why?  A dirty scalp can lead to dandruff, eczema, fungal infections and even skin cancer.

Whether you are sporting a weave, a protective style, or locs, you HAVE to keep your scalp clean.  What are ways in which you can keep it clean and healthy?  Click the jump to find out more.

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Shampoo and conditioner.  Yes, both can work in keeping your scalp clean (hence, why some individuals choose to co-wash instead of using shampoo all the time).  However, I use co-washing sparingly because it can cause build up on my scalp if performed too often.  Washing your hair regularly will easily rid your scalp of dirt and product build-up.  Regularly is another one of those relative words.  Some people can go longer periods of time without washing their scalp, others have to wash every 3-4 days.  You know how your skin reacts, so keep it clean.  And do your scalp a favor: wash with sulfate free products.

Massaging.  I remember as a youngster my mother would scratch my scalp for me.  Now that I am older, I shy away from that activity and use the pads of my fingers to work out any itchies I have.  I have found that it reduces scabbing and scarring, and also feels amazing when paired with some of my favorite essential oils (peppermint being my absolute favorite)!

ACV Rinse.  ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar and many naturals use it to rinse their hair from impurities such as dirt and build up,  just as they would with shampoo.  I personally have not used this method, but there are quite a few naturals that swear by the process.

Toner.  I discussed the use of toner here, but one could definitely use toner as a method to cleanse the scalp.  Should I have styles for long periods of time such as mini twists, I like to use tea tree oil and a little toner to cleanse my scalp.  Sea Breeze used to be my toner of choice (back in the relaxed days), but now I opt for more of the Witch Hazel route.

How do you cleanse your scalp?
  • Anonymous

    For the longest I didn’t understand the importance of a truly clean scalp. When I finally got hip, I saw a dramatic increase in growth that hasn’t slowed down since! I put a combination of a little As I Am’s Coconut Co-wash and a few squirts of pure castille soap in a root tip bottle and lightly scratch and massage it into my scalp. Acv works wonders for my hair and scalp, btw. I can really tell that it seals my cuticles.