MANE Events – Twisting It Out for the Weekend

Hey all!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how my hair was styled this past weekend and wanted to come “share my secrets”… well, they aren’t really secrets, but here is what I did:

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I styled my hair in my Signature Twistout Style.  You can find the video here:

I shampooed and conditioned using Trader Joe’s Nourishing Spa Shampoo and Conditioner.  The ingredients aren’t “the best”, but this is the only thing I have on hand right now.

I used Giovanni Direct Leave-In on t-shirt dried hair, and styled my hair using Shea Moisture and Shea butter.  I also set my hair using blue perm rods and a few purple perm rods.  I prefer the smaller curl, so I’d recommend using all small rods (no larger than white).  They last WAY LONGER than the larger curl.

I let my hair set over night.  The next morning, I removed the rollers and with jojoba oil on my fingers, separated the twists.  I fluffed like crazy.

Second Day Hair
Third Day Hair
Fourth Day Hair – and it’s still working for me!

To preserve, I pineappled my hair at night and fluffed in the morning (well, really… I just shook my hair back and forth).  That is IT.  I wanted something that I didn’t have to worry about too much while I was enjoying my weekend.  I also get a thrill out of wearing my hair like that and bringing up the side of my hair!  People are always surprised to see that my sides are STILL SHAVED.

I hope that answered some questions.

How did you wear your hair this weekend?
  • I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! It is awesome…..I actually don’t have natural hair but i like reading your blog anyways…..YOU HAVE GREAT STYLE TOO!!!!….. I have a little life blog it would really make me happy if you stopped by sometime 🙂

    much love

    Chari T

    (Deep Fried Stilettos)xoxo

  • Thank you, love! On my way to check it out NOW! 🙂