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VeCoya Gee is all about embracing her natural hair.  Since 2009, this beautiful woman has been on a journey of hair discovery by experimenting with all types of hairstyles with her natural hair – straight, curly – because she knows, “practice makes perfect”!  Vibe with VeCoya as she shares her hair regimen, her reason for going natural and her words of wisdom to those wanting to take the plunge!
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Name, Age, Location.
VeCoya, 25, Maryland

How did your natural hair journey begin?
I got my last relaxer in January of 2009. I decided to go the natural route because my hair was breaking off, at the time I was clueless as to why, later I realized it was due to excessive heat. I was using the flat iron entirely too much. Through the transition process I was both surprised and intrigued by my natural curls and I haven’t looked back since.

How, better than anyone, do you describe your hair?
My hair is a complex. I have looser curls on the left side and the right side ALWAYS outgrows the left side despite me cutting it even.

Soft, unruly at times, thick, beautiful, sometimes at work I have to sit on my hands in order to stop playing in it! LOL

I embrace it all the good and the bad.

Three hair products you can’t live without. Go.
That’s a hard one because I AM A PRODUCT JUNKIE but right now my 3 favorites would have to be:
Coconut Oil
Palmer’s Coconut Replenishing Hair Milk
and ….
I love love LOVE Jane Carter Solution’s entire line but particularly the Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner! I use it almost every day. Not only does it smell AMAZING but the ingredients are great for your hair.

What is your current hair care/styling regimen? Any special treatments?

I co-wash my hair at least once a week (every other day in the summer months) and deep condition twice a month. I love variety so I try to switch it up but my go to style is flexi-rods. I love them because it requires little upkeep so I can flexi-rod on a Friday and not have to do hardly anything to it until the following Friday.

I also bun up my hair, twist and braid my hair back into protective styles. I like to flat iron my hair every now and then, except in the summer time when it is pointless to straighten due to humidity. I guess that’s not really a regimen, lol, but what I can say is that I listen to my hair. Sometimes it is as simple as running my fingers through it and I can tell exactly what she needs.

There may be some readers who aspire to take the plunge into the natural hair world. Any words of wisdom?

My advice would be to develop patience because this journey is definitely a process.

Fall in love with your texture and your natural curls. Don’t compare yourself to others because this is your journey. That applies to products as well, what works for me may not necessarily work for you and vice versus. Experiment and try new products and hairstyles to see what works for you.

If you are experimenting with a new hairstyle and it turns out disastrous, try again. The more you try, the more you will learn and the better you will get at it, just like anything else in life.

Anything else you want to share?
Nothing much just love and live life. Thanks for the feature P. Roy!

Anytime VeCoya! 
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