MANE Events – Protective Styling for the Winter

My senegalese twists are still going strong (and don’t mind my face in the pic – it was a test shot for my most recent video)!  I am actually considering taking them out and letting my hair get a breather … and then reinstalling.  The installation process is so quick that it equates to any other protective style that I have done on my hair – mini twists, loose twists, updos…

I know that typically in winter, many people use protective styling as a means to protect their ends from the harsh weather conditions (dry) and also from their clothing (certain textures/blends soaking the moisture out of hair).  I remember last winter I did a 21 day protective style challenge just off the strength of saying that I did one, but I’m not pressed to do it again.  I just want to style my hair in such as way that it works for me – no challenge needed, really.

In this post, you will find the link backs to the styles that I used to protect my tresses.

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Queen Updo
Twists Updo
Twists Updo (3 from 1 Style)
Mini Twists Updo
Loose Twists on Dry Hair
Loose Twists Styles
Mini Twists (Installation)

Eventually, I will experiment with more styles – protective or not, and as always I will keep you all posted!  In the meantime, be sure to visit the Natural Hair Care tab on this site for more inspiration!

Are you using protective styling to protect your hair this season?

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