Review: Hair Routine’s Satin Pillow Bonnet

While in Atlanta for our meet and greet, I had the pleasure of meeting with the two of the owners of Hair Routine – Morria Bowens and Keisha Kinnley.  Keisha and I have history from the Curly Nikki event I attended in Charlotte, NC and since our meeting we connected and she even did a giveaway here on the blog!

She introduced us to Morria and we chatted – for hours!  During our chat, she gave me the scoop on Hair-Routine (taken directly from the site):

We all need a hair routine! And that is exactly our vision; to take the chore out of maintaining healthy hair. Our goal is to help you find that perfect balance between products and maintenance, and to make caring for your hair so easy that it becomes your hair routine. Of course, we didn’t forget that just because something is routine, doesn’t mean it can’t be modern, fresh and fun.

They gave all of us their signature Pillow Bonnet which is said to do the following:

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Pillow Bonnet is a high-quality, modern, easy-to-use stylish product that helps you find the perfect balance to maintain healthy hair and establish your daily hair routine.


Size: Fits standard/queen
100% Peau de Soie Satin
Machine wash warm
Tumble dry medium, remove promptly
Water repellent
Price: $45

Colors: Topaz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Turquoise & Ruby

The Verdict?
It’s so simple and makes everything less complicated.

The pillowcase comes in a carry case that makes it easy for travel and easily hugs onto any pillow size.  I like it because I’m so particular about my pillows when I travel – I don’t like people sitting on my beds with their tushes near my pillow (can we say pink eye?!) so having my own pillowcase ensures that I can take it off and put it on when I am ready to sleep and only lay my face on that.

The fact that it protects my strands is a double reward.  I don’t normally wear a scarf to bed and have maintained my curls without issues.  I’ve rolled around on all sides of my head and my curls STILL pop!  Not to mention I went to sleep with damp hair and didn’t have a wet spot on the pillow – AWESOME!

3rd Day Hair!

Would I Recommend This Product to Others?
Absolutely.  It’s $45, yes, but imagine how many satin bonnets/scarves you’ve owned and lost, torn or just had to replace.  Not to mention that satin pillowcase everyone searches for just to have anyway – your total is about that same.  And natural hair or not, I think this would be a great product to own.  Who doesn’t want to keep their hair in tact?  I mean, really…

For more information about their products and the company itself, visit Hair-Routine by clicking here!

Have you heard about or used the Pillow Bonnet?  What are your thoughts on the product?