Updates & Such

I wanted to note that I have FINALLY updated the “Natural Hair Care” portion of the site – updated links.

My “Featured” page has been updated as well.

The site has gone through a mini-makeover clearly nothing too drastic.  And this has happened over the past two weeks, so you may not have even noticed!

Oh, and last but certainly not least: remember the IG Sisters Meet & Greet I helped host?  Well, we have all collaborated together to start something new – CURLX.  “CURL” stands for Curlfriends Uniting & Revamping Lifestyles.  We are excited, but won’t be spilling TOO much tea until 2013.  Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for any news we may have – meanwhile, you can follow CURLX on Instagram (@wearecurlx) and Twitter (@wearecurlx) by clicking these links.

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