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Determination Needs Tenacity – New Year’s Goals!

Happy New Year!!

Forget resolutions.  We are setting New Year’s Goals!  And with these goals, we are not only going to be determined to meet them, but we will use tenacity to get us there.

Tenacity.  It’s a lesson I would value later in life.  Determination can only take you but so far.  I’ve been so determined to do something only to find that I was lacking persistence to complete the task.  When those “no’s” become too frequent and those doors seem to always be closed, your tenacity will grant you the “yes’s” and keys to those locks.  Sometimes you have to be outright stubborn to show that you are relentless in the matter and that you will not give up until you have gotten everything that you needed/wanted.

As a baby, you were determined to walk.  You did everything in your power to mount up onto your two legs and take a step forward.  Gravity knocked you down every time.

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You would get right back up.  This time, you tripped over your own feet.  That didn’t stop you.  You tried again, only this time you get distracted by a noise or motion.  You hit the floor yet again!  You were persistent and you didn’t give up.  Eventually, you took your steps and you’re fully walking now… upright and ready to conquer the world.  That took tenacity.

In adulthood, there are times where you will find yourself in similar situations: determined to provide for your family; determined to marry your soul mate; determined to just be happy; determined to find your purpose.  You will get knocked down plenty of times – financial struggles, relationship issues, depression or sadness, false sense of self and lack of knowing oneself, but you will have to realize that all that determination you may have in your heart will need tenacity to get you there.  Adversity is there to knock you down, but not to keep you down.  That same tenacity that you possessed as a child is still there and has never left!  Find it, embrace it and most importantly – USE IT!

Those goals you made last year –  last month –  last week?  You’ve got them in the bag!  If you are determined to reach your goals, you’ve got to use tenacity to get you there!  Good luck!

Do you have the determination and tenacity to get to conquer your New Year’s Goals?