Fitness: 8 Levels of Fat Burn Workout

If you’re anything like me, running on the treadmill gets boring and redundant!  I’ve been so spoiled by scenery in the warmer months that running in place doesn’t suit my workout style… and it’s hard for me to concentrate even while I’m watching the TVs on the wall.

So I dallied around on the Internet to find different workouts I could use for the treadmill and was inspired to make one of my own!  I decided to call it “8 Levels of Fat Burn” because you will have to work your way up to the 8th incline level on the treadmill… and plus I love the number 8.
I tried this workout and it kicked ALL of my hind parts and my sweat was unreal for 16 minutes.  THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!
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The total workout time: 16 minutes
8 minutes of “intense” cardio
8 minutes of cool down
Why this workout?
The premise of the workout is to stay as constant as you can on the inclines.  Inclines work your legs and builds that muscle while also burning major calories (could double your calorie burning) and makes the workout more challenging.  Additionally, if you are preparing for a race or like to run competitively, incline running will increase your speed on flat land.
Additionally, cardio cuts the fat!  If you are wanting to decrease in pounds, you will HAVE to get on the cardio boat.  It’s only right.  And the high intensity of this workout will guarantee fat burn.
Use caution when using inclines if this is your first time using them.  Many treadmills have rails that you can grab while you’re working out, so use those as support until you are comfortable enough to complete the workout without them.  Also, some treadmills come equip with a clip that you can use to clip to your clothing.  This will help the machine know to stop abruptly if you start to get too far off the treadmill and/or fall off.
Tips for the workout:
Keep a constant pace.  The ideal speed for this workout is between 4-6, but you are more than welcome to adjust the speed depending on your fitness level (increase or decrease).  In whatever speed that you choose, make sure you keep it up during the entire workout.  During cool down, you may decrease your speed if you so choose.
Stop for breaks (if necessary) and drink PLENTY of water!
Challenge yourself!  When a speed becomes too easy, take it up a notch.  Complacency doesn’t yield results!
And remember it says “jog” and not SPRINT.  This is a medium workout and it doesn’t call for full fledge sprinting… maybe in another.
Save the image above as a way to guide you throughout the workout.  You can even print it off for a visual!  Have an AWESOME workout!
Would you like to see more of these workout challenges?  Leave a comment below!