MANE Events – Wash ‘N Go Fro Hawk Written & Video Tutorial

Wash ‘N Go’s aren’t my FAVORITE style to do, but it’s SO EASY for winter, especially with upkeep and moisture retention.  I can literally sleep on my satin pillow bonnet, wake up, SLIGHTLY refresh and go!

I created this style last week and it received a little buzz including those inquiring about the products used to achieve the curls (they were def on POPPINGTON… HELLO)!  I wanted to share the process in not only this blog post, but a video that will supplement as a visual guide to how I achieved this style.

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For starters, I washed my hair – shampooing it first with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Balance Shampoo, followed by the conditioner of the same brand and a deep-condition with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment (review to come soon).
After I washed all of that out, I focused on locking in the moisture:
I didn’t wring out the water from my rinse, so my hair was soaked.  I followed up with an application of avocado oil to all of my strands, separated my hair for styling – starting from the back upward.  There was no particular reason I chose avocado oil – it does the job and unlike coconut oil, I didn’t have to manipulate it to get it back into its liquid state.  Also, it is a bit heavier, but light enough to not be overwhelming.  You can use any oil you so choose.
On each section, I again applied avocado oil and then used Cantu Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream.  You saw me rave about the Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream before, and probably would have used that if it was under the sink, but I reached for what was there.  I will link the review to the product here!
I used a generous amount of product on each section as to really put moisture into my hair.  Not only am I afraid of the cold weather, but with my new fitness lifestyle I want to make sure that when I sweat, I can retain the moisture in there without having to reapply everyday. 
As shown on the video, when I applied the product in the back I did more of a raking method – using my fingers to separate the curls for more of a “single curl pop”.  Also, my hair is the back is more coarse and the shrinkage is CRAZYYYY, so I wanted to make sure that the products really penetrated each strand.  After I applied the curl activator cream, I followed up with some Eco Styler Argon Oil Gel (a relatively small amount).  I used this for a light hold.
As I worked my way toward the front of my hair, I used the clumping method to produce my curls, which gave me more of a “waved” looked.  In the very front, after all products were worked in my strands, I gave myself three large twists and secured them with rollers.  I wanted to elongate my curls in this section, not produce a twist out.
I let a small amount of time elapse by getting dressed – make-up and all.  Fifteen to twenty minutes later, I grabbed my blow-dryer and with the diffuser attachment (high heat, high air), I diffused my hair for about 6-8 minutes.  I followed that up with the concentrator attachment to lift my roots in the front, the section in which I wanted more volume.  I also untwisted my hair and let that dry, too.
For the finale, I pinned the sides of my hair up where my shaved sides are.  The final result?  A Wash ‘N Go For Hawk, of course – with curls that were on … what?! POPPINGTON!! And more importantly, my hair was moisturized for the moisture gods!
See more for yourself!
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How did I maintain my hair throughout the week?
Day Two
I literally just let it be.  When I worked out, I tied a scarf around the back and let the front go free.  When I showered, I didn’t cover my hair and let the steam from the shower refresh my curls.  If I felt necessary, I would spritz my hair with water, use a little more product or use Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Shine & Hold Mist.  It air-dried before I left the house, so I didn’t have to heat style again.
I hope that this tutorial serves as inspiration for you to wear a Wash ‘N Go in the winter.  For more information on the Cantu products I used for the style, including a full review, click here.
Would you wear a wash ‘n go in the winter?
  • Absolutely LOVE the look. Dang, you can’t do no wrong in my eyes lol. I love Cantu natural line. That Coconut Curl Activator is calling me!

  • Cantu is AWESOME! And Thank You! You’re sweet <3