How I Drink 8 Cups of Water Daily

By now, if you have been rockin’ with me from jump street (or maybe for a while), you know I am all about consuming water and making sure I consume enough of it.

I will say it was tough to get in 8 cups of water at beginning of revamping my lifestyle, but now – completely conquered.  It’s definitely second nature and I attribute these factors for helping me reach my 8 cups a day goal:

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I don’t buy other beverages. It’s true – when I go to the store, the beverage I purchase is water… and that’s IF I purchase a beverage! I have a filter for my tap at the house, so I really don’t have to “buy water”. Now that doesn’t go to say that I don’t have other beverages in my house, but since I don’t drink pop/soda and I rarely drink juice (unless it’s juiced nowadays) I can get away with just water. This also applies in a restaurant setting – water, please (no lemon).

I listen to my body.  Instead of feeding my body when I get “pangs” or feel like I need to eat, I drink water.  Most of the time our bodies are trying to tell us that we are thirsty and dehydrated, but we are so programmed to reach for food that we suppress the signal for dehydration.  Plus, it never hurts to drink water FIRST and feed the body second.  It helps to avoid overeating.
If I’m not in the mood for plain water, I spruce it up.  I drink herbal tea when I want a nice, warm flavorful fix.  I drink fruit infused water when I want something refreshing.  I drink a smoothie (and use water as the base) when I have a sweet tooth.  I even go the length of putting my water in a cool glass – a mason jar, a wine glass – whatever looks cool to me.  The boy got these new ice cube trays and reusable shapes to make his water more desirable.  Who said drinking water had to be boring?  It’s far from it!
I workout.  During and after a really hard workout, I have to rehydrate and water is my first option.  It pretty much got me in the habit of drinking water during a certain time of day – when I workout or not.

Eating fruits and veggies.  After juicing for a while, I have come to realize there is so much juice in fruits and veggies (not that I didn’t know, but seeing it in a cup – WOW)!  Eating these foods (or juicing them) is really helpful in getting my 8 cups in, too!

Do you drink enough water?