St. Patty’s Day Celebration (Hair & Outfit Details)

If it makes sense at all – I celebrate St. Patty’s Day rather I just participate in the festivities.  Again, if that makes sense at all.  The boy and I were excited for a change of pace around the city considering it has been snowing off and on this past week.  Saturday, although not snowing, was no exception to excessively low temps that MN is known for.  We dressed festively and headed out to the St. Patty’s Day parade – a whopping 23 degrees, 18 degrees when the sun decided to hide behind the clouds.  I didn’t wear a jacket (tough girl) and was actually okay with that, however my fingers didn’t agree and I had to make my way inside to way through the skyways instead of the streets.

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Since it was so cold, I didn’t know if I wanted to wear my hair fully exposed (that dry, cold air is NO JOKE) but I said “DO IT and live your life girl”! So I did.
This is a twist-out using Shea Moisture Organic Curl & Style Hair Milk.  I installed 10 twists on freshly washed hair .  Prior to using the Curl Milk I used Giovanni Direct Leave-In and Avocado Oil .  Results are from having the twists fully set (two days) and fluffing them, lifting the roots in some places for more volume.  That was it – simple right?
Outfit Details| Shirt: Banana Republic; Sweater/Denim/Bag: GAP; Shoes: Nordstrom Rack; Necklace: Vintage; 
Shades: Raybans
How did you wear your hair for St. Patty’s Day?