How I Shave My Own Sides

Photo courtesy of stylishlyours

Big chops are one of the most liberating feelings any natural can experience.  Some decide to get the big chop done in the salon, while others like to cut their hair in the privacy of their own homes.  If you are one of those brave souls who is ready to embrace their natural texture all the way or want a new a funky look – this article is for you!  I will explain what I did when I shaved my sides completely off…

Surprisingly, I get A LOT of questions about that. So here’s to!

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  • Clips and/or Bands
  • Shears
  • Clippers
  • Clipper Guards (optional)
  • Straight Razor (optional)
Section off hair that you want to cut off.  I had mini twists installed in my hair at the time.  Instead of taking out of the mini twists, I should have used my shears and cut the section, but… I didn’t.  Then again, it was probably a good idea to take them out to make sure the part in which I wanted to cut along was as straight as possible… so never mind.

Secure sectioned hair with a band and clip back the hair you don’t want to cut.  It is SO important to make sure your hair is completely separate so that you don’t mistakenly cut it.  Also, make sure the band you put around the hair you want to cut is loose enough to cut under (not tight to the scalp)

While hair is banded, use your shears to clip hair as close to scalp as possible.  It will eliminate any long hair in your clippers and you’ll get a closer shave (IMO).

With the clippers (and a guard if you so choose), shave the area of your head evenly.  I used the 1/4″ guard initially, but wanted it lower so went to 1/8″.  I have even used the clippers sans the guard and gotten a “baby butt smooth” effect… but it really depends on how low you want to go.

Completely optional: With a straight razor, line up your hair line.  I like for my hairline to look crisp so I use a straight razor to keep it in tact and looking in tip-top shape.

Easy, right? Now, these are the steps that I USED PERSONALLY.  When in doubt, consult a professional.  YouTube was my professional and it taught me what NOT to do.  When I decided to do the process by myself, I found that this was the easiest process for me.  It didn’t take long and I LOVED my results.

Have you ever cut or shaved your own hair?  What steps did you use?