MANE Events – Bantu Knots… Do or Don’t? [Bantu Knot Out Results Added]

Cute, right?

I wonder if I could wear these outside the house.  Meh, probably not.  But I would rock a bantu knot-out…

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I’m not going to lie, I am kindaaaaaa nervous about the results.  The last time I did a bantu knot-out it actually wasn’t as bad as I had envisioned, but that was 1 out of 1,240,430,824 tries! #exaggeration

But really, this is the first time since the last time and I… I just don’t know.  I should probably have more faith in this style but I tried a different technique this time.  If it turns out nice, I will share.  If not, it’s back to the drawing board I go.  Results to be posted tomorrow.  Until then xOXo

ETA: Theseeeeeee are my results!!! I am definitely pleased! 🙂

Once I do this technique again and it works *crosses fingers* I will DEFINITELY share.  Can’t wait… stay tuned!

Do you wear your bantu knots out?

  • Tangiere Kiyona

    Every time I see your hair styled you give me more courage to shave my side. I love it!!!