MANE Events – Wash ‘N Gos to ‘Fros… In That Order

I’ve been feenin’ for an afro pick lately, but just haven’t seem to get my hands on one!  So instead of picking our my hair, I opted for a light blow out for my tresses.  Now, I tried it two different ways: one with a wash ‘n go and one with a light blow out.  The results? Welp…

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Prior to all of this blowout hoopla, I washed and conditioned my hair using my Trader Joe’s Nourishing Spa Shampoo and Conditioner , deep conditioned with Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque and applied my Giovanni Direct Leave-In.  For styling for the wash ‘n go, I used Argon Oil Eco Styler Gel and Cantu Shea Butter or Natural Hair Coconut Curl Activator Cream.
For the light blow out, I used a new product for deep conditioning.

Here’s the story behind the new product:
The boy found some products on an end cap at Target that were on sale.  He immediately called me, letting me know that “a bunch of Shea Moisture is on sale” which I found funny not because they were on sale, but he knew about the brand for natural hair (but he also uses their line for men). Anyways! I asked him to let me know what items were on sale and ended up picking the Anti-Breakage Treatment Masque to try out, as well as the Curling Souffl√©. 
That Anti-Breakage Treatment smells SO DIVINE! Oh wow! Full review on that coming soon.
For the blowout:
After all the washing (as described above), I applied my Giovanni Direct Leave-In as well as the Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Serum.  A light tension blowout and about 10 minutes later I had a blowout.

The results didn’t last long.  Although it was blown out, I had MAJOR shrinkage going on (in this picture it had already shrunk about 25%).  It is what it is! To maintain, I did bantu knots the first night (took no pics unfortunately) and the next day I wore the lions mane.  I just need an afro pick, really…
How are you wearing your hair? Am I the only natural without a pick?

    You are beautiful and your hair is amazing, love the color.

  • Thank you very much!

  • And thanks for stopping by!!!

  • moyjoy

    I totally did this in an emergency the other day and it just kept um… how do I describe this? There was shrinkage and it was getting bigger at the same time. It was a crazy phenomenon.