This Vegetarian is going Paleo… Again!

As with any other lifestyle change, I can truly say participating in the Paleo challenge a few months back really opened my eyes into what I am consuming.  Since then, I haven’t been 100% Paleo, but have been very cautious on what I allowed myself to consume.

The time has come to detox and challenge myself (the boy is joining in) with the Paleo lifestyle again!  Here is how we are going to tackle this challenge this time:

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30 Days. It’s imperative that we go at least 25 days to see the changes we want to see, so why not go 30 Days?
No Dairy. No Processed Foods. No Sugar. A super negative? I started eating dairy again! It wouldn’t be bad it if just settled with my body, BUT it doesn’t.  So it has to go!

I’m not going to lie, I am going to eat beans.  And probably corn, too.  I will also occasionally eat rice, but really stay away from pasta.  

The boy can eat all the meat he wants! So, what will you eat?  Pretty much everything I am eating already, minus the processed foods.  I will say, being a vegetarian and going Paleo can be somewhat of challenge, but it won’t be as hard as one might think.  I found this cool shopping list on which is an outline for what vegetarians should purchase on the Paleo diet.  I’m not a huge tempeh or tofu eater, so that probably won’t be in my cart.  Other than that, it just appears to be every fruit and veggie I can think of plus some beans and nuts.  I can dig it.  

Def will keep you all posted on the progress, too!
I’d like to invite all of you to join us in the challenge! Are you down?