Natural Hair: Tips for the Perfect Summer Hair

Summers are normally hot and humid and the thought of hair on my neck during this time of year gives me the hebie jeebies! I literally start to sweat at the thought – no bueno. Luckily for me there are a few tricks that I have mastered for perfect summer hair!

Stick to water based products. It sounds counterintuitive really, but it makes all the sense in the world. If your hair is full of moisture from the very beginning there will be little to no need for it to swell up int he humidity. Loosely based off what I know about osmosis, cells and water…

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I know that cells (or follicles in this case) are always trying to find an equilibrium. If your hair is dry, chances are it will soak up the water molecules in the humid air so it can be balanced – errrr, quench its thirst. If it is already hydrated it shouldn’t have that problem. 
Embrace shrinkage. Regardless if you have mastered the water thing, there will be some shrinkage action happening and you know what? That’s ok! I embrace my shrinkage because hair won’t be on my neck and face. If you hair is on your neck in the summer, chances are you will sweat out your style and have a back full of product and if it is on your face you’ll have product running down your face. Yuck. 
And while you’re embracing shrinkage… or if you don’t really want to embrace it – wear protective styling.  Whether it be a bun, mini twists, braids, whatever – this is a good time to explore protective styling so that you can keep that hair off of your neck!
Limit oil usage. Yes, it is important to lock in the moisture, but you will not need tons and tons of oil based products for that! Your body will be well moisturized, the skin is typically not as dry so your will have an abidance of moisture. Heavy oils and creams? Keep them for the winter. 
Keep heat use to a minimum (or not at all). Self explanatory, but what is the point of heat setting your hair regularly in the summer? Most of the time when we use heat we use little to no product and you know what leads to frizzy, shrunken hair. Summertime is a time to embrace our natural texture and lay off the heat! 
Don’t take your hair too seriously!  This applies to every season and not just summer – let it be free and do its thang!
What are some of your summer tips and tricks for perfect summer hair? Leave them below!