MANE Events: Recycle & Repurpose: Marley Braiding Hair to Crochet Braids


Before you decide to throw that used Marley hair away, there is something I’d like to share with you…

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I did my first attempt ever at crochet braids using the old marley braiding hair from my longgggg marley twists.  I actually wanted to retwist my hair, but after going to the Beauty Supply store only to not be able to match my hair color with ANY of the hair (it’s just way too unique) I grabbed a crochet needle on the way out the door.  $1.  Nothing more.

I came home and was determined to get my hair in some sort of protective style.  I washed my hair, let it air dry for about an hour, did a VERY LIGHT blow-dry (it wasn’t even all the way dry – 90%) and began the process.  
I made an oopsie – cornrowed the back half of my hair FIRST… yea, don’t do what I did.  I had to go back and undo every last cornrow and start from the top of my head (I made some smaller in the front and combined them toward the back for extra fullness).  2 hours later, I had a head full of hair!  In all honesty, I need one more pack (working off of 2 packs from previous twisting session) or maybe just a half of a pack.  I’ll experiment.

What did I learn besides starting your cornrows from the front?  

  • Your hands will probably will get tired, so make sure you are ready to take on the task.  
  • Have some good music playing while you’re working – it will help the time pass quickly.
  • You don’t have to be a good braider to make this style work.  The braids will be covered so no biggie.
  • Save your braiding hair. I mean, wash it first, but definitely save it.  It comes in handy!
  • You can tuck your ends without sewing them up (just use a bobby pin).
The plan is to keep these in for a few weeks – the plan always gets altered sooooo… as always, I’ll keep you all posted.  I’m also going to see what styles I can play around with while I have these in.  You know the funny thing about crochet braids is the front part looking like braids… well, to me it does.  I’m going to play around with it to make it look extremely natural.  If I can’t, oh well – as long as it doesn’t look a hot, ratchet mess.

Do you save your used Marley hair? How do you repurpose it?
  • Nikki

    I had this style last summer but with a different kind of hair. I have been wanting to do it with Marley hair but it takes me a long time to do though, that’s why I hesitate. Seeing this makes me want to make it my next style! It looks great 🙂

    p.s. I never sew the ends either. No patience. lol

  • No patience! Lol

    Try it – I wanna see how it turns out!

  • How does this last

  • Tiffani

    Have you tried this style with other kinds of hair? If so, which ones have you tried and which do you prefer? I’ve used the Freetress Bohemian curl twice, but the second time was…a mess lol. I’m looking to try a new kind of hair and am on the fence about how big the Marley hair looks.