Gym Time: Late Nights, Early Mornings

WE STILL TAKING GYM PICS? Yep! We are! And I’m very unapologetic about it!

Forget Folgers in your cup! The best part of waking up is definitely not a cup of coffee.

I know you haven’t seen one of these in a while… but don’t worry, nothing has stopped this train(ing) from moving forward.

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My normal routine consists of me going to the gym every day (could be morning, could be afternoon), but lately I have tacked on another gym excursion in going to the gym with my husband for a one-on-one strength training session. 

I really find these workouts to be God sent.  He teaches me so much about proper alignment, weights, sets and reps that I am motivated not only to go because he’s an extremely hot trainer (I’m grown), but because I learn so much! I feel so empowered by the time I leave the gym that I have this extra pep in my step and my energy is on 1,000! 
We will keep fighting the 5 AM fight and continue working out – TOGETHER; as a family.  I really do enjoy it and would highly recommend you finding a workout buddy for a 5 AM rendezvous with the gym.  It is truly the best part of waking up!

Oh, and we still workout separately, too.  Two a days for the win!

When do you start your gym routine? What’s your favorite workout time?