askpRoy: Military Hair Styles

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I had a question that almost stomped me, but I think I figured it out:

First let me just say thank you for spreading your positivity and beauty . I really believe that the biggest compliment you can give yourself is to teach or help pass on knowledge. Anywho , I’ve been going natural for over a year now but my question is for most military woman.. We have so many rules for hair so most girls just throw our hair in a nasty bun with so much gel .. Would you happen to have any healthy alternative styles for armed service woman. I love my hair but I so often get the title of just being “Nappy headed” I hate It .. Men ESP men don’t understand . I just don’t want to lose my natural beauty because of my job.

My answer after the jump >>>

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You have posed a wonderful question and being that I am not familiar with anything military related (when it comes to natural hair), I stumbled across a naturalista who is:

She has a full blog post dedicated to your question here:

She also has aYouTube channel in which she demonstrates styles:

The naturalista is rocking styles such as mini twists (mainly) and touches briefly on protective styling options.  It’s actually very informative and packaged very nicely.

If you are in the military (or know someone who is) how are you rocking your hair? What are your “go-to” styles?
  • Geechee Goddess

    Hello!!! I’m active duty military and being natural is not easy. Well being natural is awesome but the military makes it difficult. The hardest part is even though there are a bunch of regulations, things really change from command to command. I’ve been at commands where I was authorized to have two-strand twist, other commands said no. I’ve seen females on base with very long locs, but other commands will not authorize that. My recommendations 1.Keep a shaved head or TWA 2.Try a faux bun made of Marley hair. Simlply smooth your hair back and attach a bun made out of Marley hair Besides that a lot of styles depend on what kind of natural you are. I don’t like using heat, I don’t like wearing wigs, I don’t like wearing straight hair weaves. Lately I’ve been trying crotchet braids with marley hair, be careful though because it can create a very large bun. Plus there are always individual braids. I’m the type of natural that even with weaves I prefer for it to be as close to natural hair as possible. And really when it comes down to it, you kinda just have to see what you can get away with. Carry the instructions on you, read them well so if someone tries to clock you you can put them in your place. And also document when you’ve been treated unfairly. I’ve been made to feel very uncomfortable in the work place due to my natural hair and it’s normally by other Black Women. Sometimes by white men who don’t understand but usually it’s Black women who have shit to say. I’ve talked about all this on my youtube page and on I hope all this helps. Oh by the way, thank goodness for this blog. I’m going to shave my sides and do crochet braids for work.