Attitude of Gratitude: Curse the Giver? Blessings In Disguise

You receive an anonymous gift… let’s say they are flowers. Yea… you received a bouquet of beautiful, fragrant flowers! Excited by the gift, but clearly puzzled because the gift was given without notice and without a name, you begin to embark on a mission to figure out who gave the gift. After numerous texts being sent out with not one positive identifier…

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You are greeted with a text from someone you really do not care for. After further conversation, you realize the purpose behind the flowers: they sent you the gift, not because they wanted anything more than to show you that your friendship does, indeed, matter to them and they want to be forgiven.

So, what do you do: 
Do you forgive the person and move on or do you hate the gift because of the giver? 

Blessings come in so many different packages, some of which are clearly marked while others are not. No matter who the sender may be, a gift is a gift, as a blessing is just that – a blessing. Do you shun your blessings because of where they come from? Not all situations pan out how we have planned them to in our minds. Most times, we create an illusion of what we feel SHOULD happen rather than accepting what actually happens. 
Relinquish control over what you cannot control. Understand that you will not understand everything, but you can either accept these gifts for what they are and enjoy them, or you can toss them to the side and miss out on a blessing. 
Flowers are beautiful, regardless of the deliverer. Be kind to them and watch them grow, breathe deep and inhale their fragrance and appreciate them for their beauty. Be thankful and grateful that someone is thinking enough about you to send you something so beautiful – forgive them and enjoy your bouquet. 
What would you do if your arch nemesis did something nice for you? Chime in!