Don’t Be Discouraged: What Is for You is For You


The boy and I visited our local thrift store last week just to kill a little time.  We weren’t on a mission to find anything nor were we pressed to buy anything.  We just wanted to browse the aisles and see what treasures the store may have had hidden in its walls.

And then there it was: a mountain bike.  Let’s back up to a few months ago when we discovered that the boy’s beloved mountain bike vanished.

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Yes, vanished.
He planned to ride his bike to the gym as it was such a beautiful day only to discover that someone cut the cord and his bike was gone.  My bike, on the other hand, is still around – may or may not have something to do with the flat tire on the bike but that is neither here nor there.  The boy was devastated,  upset and in search for a replacement.
And there we were looking at a mountain bike in the thrift store.  Further research of the bike led us to understand that it retails for about $350 and here it was for $100.  Score right?
Well, not really.  You see, we went on a Sunday.  On that following Tuesday, we would be able to get 25% off the bike! A $75 bike that retails for $350, what appeared to be beautiful condition and exactly what you’re looking for? What would you do? Would you take it as a sign from God that this is what you need right then and there? Would you disregard your budget that very moment, break down and purchase the bike for $100 or would you wait until it was $75? 
Or would you be like the boy and leave the bike there?  Upon leaving, he said, “if it is meant for me to have this bike, I’ll get you to come back on Tuesday morning and buy it for me.  If it is meant for me, it will be here.  If not, it’s okay.”
As I heard the words part from his lips, a smile found its way on mine.  I smiled because he was right.  What is in your destiny will be for you regardless of the circumstances, a lesson often overlooked due to hastiness in decision making.  But when you reside in love, the fear of not having something there disappears.  There is a peace that you have with your life.  There is an understanding that you don’t have to rush to make decisions; impulse buying because you don’t want to be without.  You understand that you will never be without.  You have abundance.  You are content with what you have at this very moment!
We didn’t prematurely go back to the store to check and see if the bike was still there.  We waited until Tuesday as we said we would.  I went back to the store early Tuesday morning only to find that the bike wasn’t there.  I broke the news to the boy; no sweat.  He didn’t complain, nor was he disappointed.  The bike couldn’t have been for him.  Why?  Simply because it wasn’t there for him to have.
Does he have a bike yet?  Well, he doesn’t have a mountain bike… but he has a bike.  There are millions of bikes in this world!! Will he still keep his eyes open for one?  Sure will!  What is for him will be for him and he won’t settle until he finds a mountain bike that he loves – a bike that is for him.
I say all of this to say: what is for you is for you.  Don’t feel discouraged because of a “missed opportunity”.  This universe is full of abundance!  What one has, you can have, too.  Don’t ever feel like you have to settle – you’re limitless, resources are limitless, and you can have what you want out of life by appreciating what you already have first! Be grateful!

Have you ever hurriedly made a decision because you felt like you were going to miss an opportunity if you didn’t?