MANE Events: ‘Fro Fashion Week Hair – Make up Your Mind!

With a name like ‘Fro Fashion Week, it’s only right that I release the beast…

So I did.

Read about maintenance and more after the jump!

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I used Alikay Naturals Leave-In and Shea Yogurt (review coming soon – stay tuned) after a good wash.  I braided my hair to stretch it and then brushed it/combed it/picked it out to make the roundness of my ‘fro.  I made sure I used enough of the product so that I would not have to reapply (or bring more than a carry-on) and I was successful! My hair was soft and light all weekend!
After the initial day, I pinned it up arbitrarily just to do a different style – to switch it up, yanno.  It was way too funny how people gave me the side-eye like “I know her, but I don’t know her because her hair is so different” and it took me speaking or practically reintroducing myself to them for them to recognize me!  It happens often as people do not expect to see my sides shaved because of the amount of hair that I have.

So it was no surprise that when I decided to wear my hair in a ‘fro again for the brunch I got the side eye again… LOL

Pictured with Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful
Interested in recreating the updo?  I have a similar style here:
Or you can look at other examples here and here.
How did you wear your hair this past week?
  • That updo is gorg.

  • Thank you so much, Sing <3

  • I love your hair. And I love your reason for keeping it shaved even more. Quick question… do you shave it yourself? I only ask because I called myself trying to cut my own hair once with clippers. I figured it couldn’t be THAT hard. Well, it was hella hard and a total FAIL for me. o_o

  • Thank you, sis! I do cut my own hair and have made the “mistake” of cutting it too short at times… but really, bald hair grows back so I don’t worry. Plus, it keeps me from having to cut it again for a while.

    Guards are my best friend! LOL