MANE Events: Loc Extensions

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This weekend some crazy things happened…
I watched the Mayweather fight. His athleticism is unmatched in boxing.  Period.
I did A LOT of laundry and packed for Chicago.  See this post to learn more about why I’m going there.
And I installed loc extensions.
Materials used:
Kanekalon Braiding Hair
A lighter
A rattail comb
I followed a YouTube video provided by Cassandra Beccai  … but I had to adjust a little.  I moisturized my hair first by using in the afore mentioned products.  I used kanekalon hair to install large twists and twisted my twists (tongue twister) with Marley hair.   To finish them off, I wrapped the hair in such a way that it would go back up the loc (if that makes sense at all) and burned the end of it with a lighter.  Then, when I noticed a few of them unraveling I burned the actual ends of the locs.  In total I have about 30 locs (used large parts in the middle of my head because well… it’s the middle).   Took about 6 hours total and I divided the install up into two days (3 hours each day).

My patience was definitely tested and I passed, but I’ve been debating whether or not I really want to keep them.  They are very cute, yet they are also heavy and hard to style.  If I can come up with some cute styles by today… maybe tomorrow, I will keep them.  If not – snip, snip. #noregrets
Have you ever installed loc extensions?  Explain your experience.  What are some tips, tricks and cute styles you may have tried?
  • Nikki

    You get all the styles I want! lol. I love it!!! It only took you 6 hours but you don’t have to do your sides so I know its gonna take a loooong time, lol. I don’t know if I can handle it 🙁

  • Yea boo, i’d plan for maybe 8 hours? I have no clue. I’m still not feeling them though… SOOOOO … *eeks*

  • I have some now, this is my second time having them.I used Marley hair the first time, but yarn the second. I’ve often done a frenchbraid going up the back and kind of draping the front.I think it’d especially be cute since you don’t have can check out my ig for more style options @breezybeautifull

  • nappy headed black girl

    Did I read correctly? You twisted your natural hair with Kanekalon and then twisted over that with the Marley hair? Is there a reason why you didn’t just twist your natural and then apply the Marley over that?

    I’ve thought about installing some of my own. Yes, I already have dreads but they’re freeform, which makes the one style I want to try (a big, fabulous bun) difficult. I’m thinking with the weaves I can even out the parts and have the hair all one length.

  • Hey! I’m not quite understanding the above statement, as I wanted loc extensions and had to use hair other than my own to get the desired length. I used braiding hair to extend my length prior to wrapping the hair for the loc’d effect. I hope that I provided more clarification with that.

    That is a great idea to even out your locs! Unlike you, I am not loc’d so I had to make due with that I had! Mom always says: if you don’t grow it, you can buy it! <3

  • L.

    Loving how they turned out. I need to find someone in NYC that can do these loc extensions as I don’t have the patience to try them myself. Too cute tho!

    L. /

  • Thanks! The patience is REAL! Lol

    And I didn’t even keep them in for a week! Da well…