5 Tips to Keep Your Beauty Products Fresh Longer

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by Tasia of CurlsRuleBlog.com
It is important to one’s health to know how to store and care for cosmetics. Improper use and storage can lead to health risks or skin irritation.

1. Clean brushes and applicators at least once a week, especially if you have oily skin. This will ensure that bacteria and sebum from your skin is not building up in your makeup. There are products on the market specifically designed for cleaning your brushes. They usually contain alcohol which is meant to dry out the surface leaving little to no moisture for germs to fester.

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2. Avoid dipping your fingers in your products. Due to Staph bacteria that live on our hands naturally, washing hands with an antibacterial soap before scooping out your product or using a cosmetics spatula to scoop out product will prevent premature rancidity of your creams and makeup. 
3. Store beauty products away from heat. The heat from your car in the warmer months, your hot steamy bathroom, and your window sill are not ideal places to store you beauty products. Heat and moisture will cause bacteria to fester and potentially irritate your skin if used after that point. Storing you products in your linen closet, refrigerator, or especially designated area away from radiators or any type of heat will ensure you products last until the date of expiration. 
4. Safeguard your eye makeup. Avoid sharing eye makeup as bacteria can easily transfer through bodily fluids from the eye. Discard of eye makeup after an eye infection. Bacteria from a previous infection can live in your eye makeup and cause infection again. 
5. Know the shelf life of your products. Depending on the brand you use and the ingredients used in products, the shelf life can range from 3 months to 3 years. Generally mascara is the least stable of beauty products ranging from 3-6 months, depending on how it is stored and used, foundation can last for up to a year, possibly less for liquid, powder based eye shadow and lipstick can last for up to three years. 
The best way to protect yourself and keep your beauty products fresh is to be mindful of what you are buying. Check for expiration dates, pay attention to ingredients, you can even speak to a beauty consultant (usually found in department stores, or large beauty chain stores). They are usually trained to answer all the questions you may have that pertain to using their products.

How many of you are guilty of not using one or more of these tips?  Will you change how you store and use your beauty products?

Tasia is a freelance writer and a women’s accessory designer with a background in Business Management and Marketing.  You can find her at http://www.curlsruleblog.com.