askpRoy: Dry Hair and Hair Dye? Whew Chile…

Reader writes:

I joined Instagram again just to follow a few great natural ladies for tips and tricks…and found you! I noticed you had color of course and had a couple questions :

I got a permanent color in April and since then my hair has been experiencing breakage. What can I do to control this? I’m beginning to notice it in random areas.

Also, what have been some things you’ve done to keep your hair in optimum health and retain length. I feel like I’m starting all over again. I have type 4a hair and I know it’s not growing as fast as other naturals who’ve started their journey later than me.

I appreciate your help and any advice you can provide. I would’ve of asked on Instagram, but this was more of a personal inquiry 🙂

Thank you!

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First, thank you for asking me these question in email! It’s so much easier to answer this way.
It sounds like your hair is excessively dry or either over processed. You shouldn’t be experiencing a lot of breakage if you are moisturizing and deep conditioning. I would suggest deep conditioning your hair every week and keeping your ends thoroughly moisturized.   This is what I have done to my color treated hair and have had much success!  I have a blog post that may be of some assistance: Tips on caring for color treated hair
As for optimum health and length retention, you will have to develop extreme patience, a regimen and forget about other people’s hair growth journeys. Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate and there are factors that contribute/take away from your hair reaching its maximum length. As long as your hair is healthy, your hair will retain length! And guess what? It is ALWAYS growing! 🙂
These blog posts may help answer your question as well:
I hope this helps you in some way, form or fashion.
Good luck in your journey!
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