askpRoy: I Need Sheen and Luster!

Reader writes:

What are the Shea moisture products you use? I plan on purchasing them today. I find that when my twist out is old my hair turns into a from and it looks dry. It doesnt feel that dry or brittle it just looks dry. I don’t deep condition once a week so maybe I will start doing that along with the products you recommend.

Thanks a bunch 🙂

My response after the jump >>>

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It seems like you’re in a search of a product that will penetrate your hair shaft to keep it from not only being dry but appearing dry as well. 
I found that deep conditioning regularly keep my hair very soft with this color. I just had to make sure that let it steam in the shower with a cap on or had it covered to generate some heat so that the DC could penetrate. Shea Moisture DC is just okay by itself, but I mix it with another conditioner and olive oil to get the best benefits. Right now, I am mixing it with Trader Joe’s Nourishing Spa Conditioner + olive oil and sitting with it for about 30 mins, but I also like Giovanni Deep Conditioner for DCs. I can use that without adding anything else.
The technique I use to keep my hair full of shine and hydration goes as follows:
Hydrate hair with water (doesn’t have to be soaking wet and you don’t want it to be soaking wet because unnecessary amounts of water can damage your hair more than you now. You just want it damp so that all the water is absorbed)
Seal with an oil/butter (Shea butter works best for me and a little goes a long way)
Apply moisturizer (typically use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, but any moisturizer that you like will do. 
I do that as often as necessary. That crazy, brilliant shine you had with black hair won’t happen like that because the color has broken down the inner structure of the hair protein. Not to worry, as long as you take care to not use a towel while drying your hair, use too much heat, or manipulate it constantly you should be fine. Coconut oil always gets that shine without the grease and it’s okay to use daily because it’s so light. It also penetrates into the hair shaft so it won’t just sit on your hair! Oh, and I always use a leave-in post wash. It definitely keeps my hair in a manageable state. You can read more about my regimen and staple products under FAQ and in A Natural’s Truth.
Color is drying, but making sure your hair is moisturized is key to prevent breakage is raggedy looking hair – especially those ends! Even if you don’t DC every week, bi-weekly is better than nothing! DC when you wash – that may be a better way to look at it (because there are times I don’t wash my hair every week, either). I hope that helps! 
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