MANE Events: Curls Unleashed (Kinda)!

It seems like FOREVER that I have given my hair some TLC… well, actually it’s been just a week.  
But still! 
I was rocking a puff for so long that I forgot just how easy it is to just do my hair!  I decided to  style with some new products this time, Curls Unleashed by ORS, in hopes that I would get some cute results… in less than 8 hours!
Process, products used, and helpful tips and tricks can be found after the jump!

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I started with a good washing/cleansing session using the Curls Unleashed Lavish in Lather Sulfate Free Shampoo and the Curls Unleashed No Restrictions Moisturizing Conditioner.  I followed up with the Curls Unleashed No Boundaries Leave In Conditioner, sealed with Almond Oil and braided my hair into four large plaits.  

I let my hair air dry for about an hour before I installed small/medium size twists using the Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Defining Crème which took about an hour.  I waited another 3-4 hours until my hair was completely dry, unraveled the twists, separated them and styled.  Boom! All done!  In all, my hairstyle (from wash to results) took about 7 hours! That sounds so long, but listen – most times when setting a style we sleep on it… which is about 6-8 hours in itself so that sounds about right, right?
Tips and Tricks:
  • If you’re interested in setting your hair during the day without sleeping on it, plan to style your hair early enough before your engagement so that your hair is dry.  I took my time, but naturally you could expedite the process.  I’m sure my hair was fully dry after 2.5 hours.  
  • Also, another tip: install small/medium twists for faster drying time.  It just works – don’t refute it until you try it.  
  • And if you want to REALLY make the process go by faster: sit under a dryer.  I don’t own one so that wasn’t an option for me, but I guess I could have used a blow-dryer for similar results.

This is second day hair.  I didn’t re-twist or anything the night before.  I just slept on my hair, woke up and went on about my day.
By the third day, I decided to add a little water/product mixture but I didn’t give it enough time to dry so it came out slightly frizzy.  I would have much rather had more definition, but got a ton of compliments at the Panthers Game so I guess it looked decent!
Be on the lookout for a formal review on the Curls Unleashed Products.  I’d like to use them a little more before my official review!
How are you wearing your hair?  How long does it typically take you to style it?