Natural Hair: Low Manipulation Hairstyles (Protective Styling)

It’s come that time again where I will be doing less to the tresses… that is focusing on low manipulation hairstyles.

The main benefit I get from having and keeping my hair in these styles is having the time to just chill and not worry about my hair.  It’s tucked away or at least in a style that doesn’t require major upkeep.  It also allows for undisturbed growth to occur.  They are PERFECT for those in the transition from relaxed to natural hair phase as it can be tedious to deal with two textures on your head and it’s also suitable for my relaxed chicks (your hair needs a break, too).

Here are some of my favorite styles I’ve worn in the past:

Under that Marley Hair in the picture above? Cornrows! My hair is braided, but I still have major versatility with styling.
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Whether you add hair for extensions or wear your natural twists, you can style your twists ’til your hearts desire.
Roller Sets/Flexi Rod Sets

If you don’t mind setting rollers or flexi rods (and possibly sleeping in them) you could easily get a weeks worth of curls!
Loc Extensions
Time consuming (to say the least) and very beautiful results.  I know I didn’t keep them in long, but should I do them again, I will MOST DEF make them longer (I need to be able to do a bun)!
Braid Outs
Buns can have so much variety – twisted, high and big or even top knot, they are probably the most chic of the low manipulation styles.
Bantu Knot Outs
Great results come at a great sacrifice – sleeping in bantu knots.
Twist Outs
My all time favorite.  I rock it so many different ways and can pineapple it for days without disrupting the curls.
Taking out some of these styles can require great patience, so check out my article on how to safely remove protective styles before you tackle it head on!
What are your favorite low manipulation hairstyles to rock?