askpRoy: How Do I Make a Hair Regimen?

“I am a new natural and need some help! What is a hair regimen and how do I start one?”

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Great question.

Let’s first break down the word “regimen”. According to Webster’s, it is a way of life or diet for the promotion or restoration of health.

An explanation to fit our conversation in terms of developing a hair regimen would require one to adhere to a “way of life” for one’s hair to “promote restoration of [hair] health”. This, in conjunction with one’s hair goals, will encourage healthy hair growth as long as he or she is consistent.

In short: Hair regimen really answers the question of “what are you doing with your hair these days?” Your answer should reflect what you’re doing with your hair right now.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to a hair regimen and your regimen should include practices that work for you. Additionally, developing one may take a little time – after all, you are learning about what works for your hair such as products, techniques, treatments, styles, but don’t let that discourage you from creating such an essential part of your natural journey. And don’t be surprised if you are changing up your regimen to fit in with the seasons – it’s completely normal and necessary.

Start here: Jot down everything you’re doing with your hair: products used, styles you’re sporting, allllllll that. Do you like how your hair is reacting to it? If you answered yes, keep doing it consistently. No? Switch it up immediately. Easyyyyy peeeeeazy!

And that, my friend, is a hair regimen. It is a step in the positive direction for your new budding relationship with your crown. By creating awareness of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how it is helpful to reaching your hair goals you become truly empowered. When you are confident in your regimen, you are comfortable with your hair.

Weigh in! When and how did you start your natural hair regimen?

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