International Travel: Thailand – Canal Ride & Temple of Dawn

My last post I let you in on the fact that I wasn’t going to get any shut eye to avoid not being able to sleep later on that evening.  I can’t really tell if that was a terrible idea or not, but I can tell you our day was full of adventure, learning and of course – beauty.

We started the day with breakfast and some local exploration.  We walked around the city, noting parks and shopping malls, the sky train and subway, and just got an overall feel of Bangkok.

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Canal Boat Ride

In order for us to get to the Temple of Dawn, our tourist destination for the day, our tour guide gave us a chance to view the city of Bangkok by way of a river ride.   When I first saw the boat I figured it wouldn’t be THAT bad, after all I have been deep sea SICK FISHING… OMG!  The fact that I was totally sick during deep sea fishing quickly rushed my memory as I had to make a decision of how I was going to handle all that moving water – barf or hold it together, pRoy… HOLD IT TOGETHER, GIRL!  As we moved up and down on that river and I felt my head spinning ’round and ’round, I kept my eyes fixated on something that didn’t appear to be in motion (thank God for my printed dress) and it totally worked.  I was able to enjoy the tour without giving everyone a peep show of “sea food”.  I was also able to snap some pictures:
The boat tour gave us a look inside of traditional Thai lifestyle.  It was amazing to see how simple life is, you know… the pleasantries we take for granted are appreciated here.  

Temple of Dawn

After about 20 minutes, we arrived at the Temple of Dawn there were a few things we needed to know about the temple itself.  In Thai, the temple was known as Wat Arun.  The temple possesses a 79-meter pagoda or “prang” and is made mostly of recycled porcelain and sea shells.  The stairs are extremely steep, but because of its height and Buddhist connections, it is said to be close to heaven, hence why it may be such a struggle for one to make it to the top (no trial, no reward).  It is also to be thought to be the center of the universe surrounded by the four seas/oceans (four smaller prang) of the earth.

I could lie and tell you all I wasn’t on the brink of hyperventilation as I was climbing up to the top, but I wouldn’t let fear overcome me at the expense of missing out on this temple’s beauty.  So I sucked it up and made that trek.  I learned that going up was the easy part – it was coming down that was the hard part!  But how exciting would this trip be if I was stuck at the top of a temple of the rest of it?  Yea… I didn’t think it would be any fun, either.

When we got back to the room, we pussy’d out!  Let’s just say the day completely caught up with us… (ask the kitty – he knows!)

Before I sign off, can I talk about how my hair garnered so many compliments?  I enjoyed saying “thank you” to the natives, but I am also very thankful that the hair is considered sacred so there was no touching involved.  I can deal with the looks all day, I can even deal with the conversation, but I’m not too hip on the whole touching situation.  I also took a couple of pictures with tourists, maybe? I’m not sure who they were, but I know it was because of my hairstyle.  Didn’t mind at all!

Patiently awaiting tomorrow’s adventures.  This trip has been amazing so far – so rich in knowledge and culture.  Until then xoxo.

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