MANE Events: From a Hot Curlformer Mess to Soft, Bouncy Curls!

Y’all! I can’t make this stuff up –

This style was by sheer accident and I had no intentions of even going this route with my hair, but I am SO GLAD that I did!  Check out the deets below!

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I got brave.  Yes, brave.  I dug deep into the styling bin and pulled out some CURLFORMERS. I know, laughable now that I think about it since I haven’t used them pretty much since I FIRST went natural.  I was thinking maybe I could film a tutorial of me using them and get some beautiful results in the meantime.  I grabbed the Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set and started installing the Curlformers.

Funny how my plans are never God’s plans.  Not only were the Curlformers too short (clearly, my hair is longer now), but my results were subpar.  It probably had something all to do with the rollers being too short and my parts being a little chunky in size.  I know for a FACT it couldn’t be the product I used.  Couldn’t have been.  Know why?  Because I’ve WITNESSED FIRST HAND the beauty of product.  
Doesn’t matter, the end result wasn’t … it.  Check it out:
I always can make lemonade with lemons, so that wasn’t the issue!

So yea. I went the rest of the day with it pulled up and back, but couldn’t go the next day looking like that. Then came the brilliant idea to use some Cantu Coconut Curling Cream to moisturize my hair, added a little oil and started to twist my hair – completely dry, no water added. I didn’t twist my hair all the way down and with the leave out, added the Cantu Twist and Lock Gel and rolled it on a perm rod. I had about 18-20 twists.  I can’t remember the exact number.  Turned out like this:

In the morning, I coated my hands with a little almond oil and took down the twists, separating them juuuuuuuuuust once… maybe twice.  Results were as follows:

I forget about the simple things sometimes and this, my friends, is one of them.  I also have a Twist and Curl video you can check out here!
How are you wearing your hair this weekend?
  • Portiah

    That’s so cool

  • Annie

    Haha that’s actually pretty smart
    I wonder if it works for fairer skintones, seeing as orange will pop like hell on a fair skin and might show more.

    I’ll try it our tomorrow though cause i have hereditary dark circles too (combined with fair skin, read: panda face)!