MANE Events: Marley Twists with a THOROUGH How-To Video

They are back! One of my favorite protective styles is here for at least the next two weeks… maybe more.  I tried a few new things this time around to make this process a little easier for me:

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I actually used Marley Hair.  The last few times I installed this style, I used Marley Hair but it was Marley PONY Hair… meaning it is to be used for ponytails, updos… you know, all that jazz.  While I liked my results I definitely like these much better.   As stated in the video, I had just a tad bit of that hair left over and used it to blend some colors and it served me well for that purpose, but this Marley hair is definitely the business.  I used the two brands below:
I used three-four (3-4) strands per twist.  Before, I only used three, but the hair quality wasn’t as thick as this hair so it still wasn’t as full as I wanted.  In this case, I used four strands (on most) and was very pleased with the results.  Because I was only working with five packs total, I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and run out of hair.  Will I ever go bigger?  Maybe.  I’d like to see the results for sure.
I dipped the ends of this hair to seal them.  Did it help? Uhhhhhhh… kinda, sorta… not really.  Good thing I braided twisted all the way down or I would be upset that they were unraveling.  Oh wait, let me retwist this one that came a loose… (I kid).  It was aiiiiight.  Nothing special, though.  Maybe it will work better if I want to curl the ends with rods? Maybe have to try that…
I was much more comfortable installing these as I have done them previous times and got the hang of things.  Enjoy the video – I’ve answered soooooo many questions over there that you definitely want to check it out in case I missed something above.  You can check it out here.
If you plan on installing Marley twists – go for it! It is GREAT for the lazy natural who just needs a break!  And don’t forget, once you finish sporting the twists don’t throw out the hair – it can be repurposed into something great (don’t believe me? Just check this out).
How are you wearing your hair right now?
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