askpRoy: Why Is My Scalp So Itchy?

“The last two months or so I have been dealing with more than normal for me shedding and a very itchy scalp. I wash my hair once a week and try to pay close attention to my scalp. But lately it appears even 24 hours after washing my scalp is itchy and by day four after washing my scalp is itchy and crusty in certain spots. In particular the crown and back.”

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Sounds painful and annoying to say the least, but the first thing that popped into my mind? The winter itchies.

During the cold weather months, not only does the temperature fall, so do the humidity levels. Humidity helps keep the natural oils one produces in great abundance (think about how your hair thrives in the summer, think about how your skin glistens in the summer sun). However, in the winter the cold, dry air does little to no favors for our tresses – think dry, itchy, and ashy skin (don’t act like you don’t know about that ash between the thumb and pointer finger – we all are victim).

There are a few things we can do to combat the itchies:Wash with a milder cleanser. We automatically think we should be vigorously washing our hair with the strongest ingredients we can find when we see flakes and build up, but really we are only making matters worse. Think about trying a mild, all natural cleanser such as Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to clarify your scalp and restore pH balance levels.

Keep it moisturized. Just like you have to keep your skin moisturized with some of the thickest lotions and creams you can find, your hair needs that same attention. You are constantly going in and out of climates and you have got to make sure your hair is well taken care of. The LOC method – Leave-in (or liquid), Oil and Cream – is a great way to keep that moisture inside.

Oil therapy.  Did you know Jojoba oil is closest to the molecular makeup of sebum, the natural oil our scalp creates? Applying Jojoba oil directly to the scalp by way of a massage or even to coat exposed parts could be beneficial in making sure that the scalp keeps its moisture. Also, if you are dealing with itches and you need them to subside quickly, adding a little bit of tea tree oil to your jojoba oil would be great. Tea tree oil is a great anti-fungal oil and can have a strong smell, so adding a little peppermint, lavender or rosemary oil would make the smell more bearable (you’ve been warned).

In any case, I am not a licensed physician, trichologist, nor am I a dermatologist so when in doubt, especially if these things aren’t working out, consult your doctor. It could be as serious as psoriasis or eczema and there are treatments that can be taken to ease the pain.

Weigh in! How you do you combat itchy scalp?
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  • Klassy Kinks

    Tea tree oil is great for an itchy scalp too because it has antibacterial properties. It’s kind of strong so I’d suggest mixing it with jojoba oil and doing regular scalp massages (I do mine whenever I remoisturize). A moisturizing shampoo is also key!