MANE Events: Reviving an Old Twist Out #PWOKEUPLIKETHIS

Y’all are not going to BELIEVE how I achieved this hairstyle… or maybe you might.  I don’t know how believable it is, but I have video footage to prove it so apparently it works.
Let’s talk about how I said I was going to go the whole week without doing anything to my hair.  My husband laughed and I did, too, especially seeing how ridiculous it looked when I laid down without tying it up.  
That was day one. 
Lighting + IG Filters can have you looking ghost… but I digress.
By day three, it is still kickin’… may be on its last leg, but it’s kickin’ nonetheless and I’m FEELIN’ IT!  Beyonce got me feeling like a boss so when I wake up and look damn good I just hit ’em with the line of “P Woke Up Like This”.  Boom.  Instant justification.
Alright, enough of me babbling!  I guess I’ll let the the secret out, eh?
Check out how I achieved this style simply by waking up:

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Well, it’s ALMOST as simple as just waking up.  I didn’t add any product.  I didn’t even put water in my hair.  I only used one tool:

This hair is a three day old twist out that I will be recording very soon.  New technique, but kinda sorta not really… however you will be able to check it out VERY soon, stay tuned!

What style are you waking up to these days?
  • Sunflowergurl


  • Yaazzzzzz that pick did the dang thing! LOL!! Flawless! I been wakin up to hair that needs to be washed LOL! Way passed wash day for me. But seriously, I just had the bomb twist-out from Sunday to yesterday. Loosely twisted at night, slap a bonnet on. Next day, just a dab of coconut oil, a shake and go.