8 Tips on How to Take the Best Selfies on Instagram

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I can’t say that I am the ‘Selfie Queen’ by any means, but I will say that I take enough of them to let you in on a couple of pointers.  All the selfie pros know these are the key ingredients to a perfect selfie – a perfect self expression of your mood in that moment in time.  Check out these tips on how to make the best of your camera phone to take the best selfie ever:
  1. Check your setup.  Do you have dirty clothes all over the floor in your shot?  Open containers on the kitchen counter?  Crap in the toilet?  You laugh, but I have seen it all.  Clean up your surroundings.
  2. Check your lighting.  In that test shot, if your lighting is off your photo quality will be off. Move to a well lit location, preferably lit well with daylight and try to avoid tungsten lighting (it turns your orange).
  3. Always use the camera app on your phone and avoid using the Instagram app to take pics!  Your picture will come out so much clearer if you use the actual camera app to take the pics.  Oh, and make sure you focus your pictures by tapping the blue square on the screen prior to your snapping your photo!
  4. Time for a test shot!  You have to know exactly how you’re looking in the moment so you will know whether or not you have makeup on your teeth, gunk in your eyes or even if your nose ring (which happens to me all the time) looks like a boogie.  Also, check for any of the afore mentioned mishaps that could really take your selfie game to an all time low.
  5. Shaky arms? Try this: If you have an iPhone or iPad, use your headphones to snap the shot by using the volume buttons to capture your moment.  And be very still!
  6. Take multiples! I mean, sometimes you can get the best selfie on the first try BUT if you go through my camera roll, you will definitely find more than one picture! Use different faces, angles (you can see I’ve pretty much mastered my angle), and poses for more variety.
  7. Consider the filter carefully.  Nothing messes up the perfect selfie then picking the wrong filter to compliment.  My favorite filters on Instagram are X-Pro and Valencia, but I have used them all at some point and time (or even none at all).  Test out the filters, use the blur feature and even play with the angles and exposure. 
  8. Have fun and let your personality shine through!  Selfies are all about self expression.  Show us who you are and why you love yourself.  We can’t help but to fall in love with the you you love!
Additional Tips:
  • I typically avoid the front camera because it’s way too grainy for my liking (iPhone 4s).
  • You can use other programs outside of Instagram to edit your photos.  One of my favorites is PicFX.  It has tons of filters and you can layer them.  Just save them to your camera roll and upload them into Instagram when you’re ready to post!
  • It’s okay to use a mirror to help you take a selfie – just make sure it’s clean and it doesn’t reflect ratchet messes (see #1)
  • Sometimes, you have more than one selfie that you’d like to share! You have two options: flood everyone’s timeline with your beautiful face OR make a collage that highlights the best pics from your photo session… either are appropriate! 😛
What are some of your best selfie tips? Share them below!
  • Awesome tips! I love Valencia and Xpro too. O_o at #1 lol

    I think you’re well on your way to being Selfie queen. I’m about to check out PicFx now. I’m an App junkie 😀

  • Anonymous

    People have killed selfies for me. Between the head tilt, smirk, pursed lips, etc., it’s too much lol

  • You know #1 is dead on! You’ve seen it! LOL!!!

    Yes, def check it out. I think you’ll like it! <3

  • Great tips. Valencia is one of my favorite filters as well. And nothing ruins a selfie more than a shot of the toilet in the background. Ugh! I’m happy to say that I follow all of these! 😉