askpRoy: Does African Black Soap Go Bad or Dry Out?

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Q: I noticed my african black soap turning an ashy color and crumbles easily.  Does black soap go bad?  Can it dry out?

A: African Black Soap does not go bad.  The shelf life on this stuff is pretty much the lifetime of the bar.  The issue sounds more like a situation of leaving it uncovered which could potentially leave it to dry out… kinda.  See here’s the thing: african black soap is made of lots of oils, in addition to some other things and glycerin.  The glycerin is responsible for the ashy look because it is absorbs into the air quickly (especially in this winter weather).  Try removing the ashy part/crumbles by breaking it off from the larger bar, wet it a little bit and mold it into a shape that you like.  That should do the trick.  If it doesn’t work or you’re just not gonna use it, toss it.  For future reference, store the soap in a covered container, a zip lock bag or sandwich baggy.  Good luck!
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