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askpRoy: Help! My Hair Color is Fading Away!

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Q: Hey pRoy! Recently I got my hair permanently colored and I was wondering why it is fading after every wash.  Is that normal?  How can I keep it vibrant?

A: Hey there!  Sounds pretty normal to me, since water is the main culprit to color fading, especially hard water.  But don’t fret! I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will help you keep that color vibrant!
Wash your hair less frequently.  Whatever you regimen may be, it is always good to have allotted times for wash days.  But what if I told you that washing your hair less frequently could lend to better color payoff, would you still wash 3-4 times a week during the summer time to keep those wash-n-gos fresh?  I wash my hair about once a week (or maybe once every two weeks) and my color definitely stays put for the long haul.

But, if you absolutely must wash your hair more than weekly or bi-weekly, use products geared toward color treated hair.  These products will ensure protection for your color as they are formulated to keep it in tip-top condition by sealing in your cuticles for maximum color hold.  A natural remedy that I use is Shea butter, especially for the warmer months when being outside in the sun is inevitable.

Stay out of the pool… or at least use a swim cap.  Chlorine can be very damaging to hair, but is it especially damaging to color treated hair since most color requires some lifting to even be deposited into our strands (already a potential drying disaster) making them a little (or a lot) weaker than our untreated, virgin hair so when you’re swimming CAP IT UP!  And yes, you can complain that the caps are not cute, but how cute is faded color?  Think on that.

Less heat, better color!  Heat styling tools will have your color faded like an old pair of jeans.  These tools include blow dryers, curling wands, flat irons and (dare I say it) STEAMERS!  Heat stretches the hair strand making it easier for color to escape.  Try washing your hair with cooler water (lukewarm to cool) and air drying your hair to keep that color nice and fresh.

What are some ways that you preserve your hair color?  Leave it down below! 

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