How to Wash Marley Hair

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If you guys are anything like me, being frugal has its perks.  It lends way to creativity while keeping money in my pockets – that’s for sure.  I know I have posted about reusing Marley hair before, but I didn’t post anything in regards to HOW to salvage the Marley hair, that means, how to wash it before reusing it.
Well pRoy, why do I need to rewash the Marley hair?
When your hair is dirty you wash it.  When you want to make sure it is soft, you condition it.  When you want to make sure it isn’t terribly dry, you moisturize it.  Since the Marley hair is going to be in your hair and act as a protective measure (in some sorts), it is fair to say that you want to make sure that hair is also in tip, top condition – just as your real hair is to be.
Likewise, since it is synthetic hair, washing it can ensure that there aren’t any allergic reactions associated with using it.  Now don’t freak out – it’s atypical that people have an allergic reaction to Marley hair, but it can happen due to some of the chemical processing/packaging associated with the hair.  Washing it typically rids the hair of any packaging/processing residue.
Since I want to use my Marley hair in some sort of capacity going forward, I made sure I washed it.  On most packages (well as least the ones I have purchased) there are washing instructions on the back.  However, those packages are LONG GONE and I couldn’t even tell you remotely remembered what they said so I took it upon myself to make my own rules and guess what? It worked more than once.  Here are the materials I used and the steps I took to wash the Marley hair:
Rubber band(s)
Plastic hanger
Towel or old t-shirt
Rubber band the Marley hair in the middle of the strands.  If you are washing straight from the pack, it already has a rubber band on it.  Keep it on there.  If you are reusing old hair, align the hair so that it matches in diameter (from end to end), find the center, and rubber band it using the loop method.
Once the hair is rubber banded, use the free side of the rubber band (the side that has no hair) and place it over your hand onto your wrist.  This is an easy way to have control of the hair while washing it.
Fill sink or tub with cold water and squirt a small amount of shampoo into the water.  While using the downward stroking motion, work the shampoo water into the hair ONLY MOVING DOWNWARD.  You don’t want to disturb the texture and you also don’t want to create a matted mess.  Take the rubber band off your wrist and put it on the faucet handle.  Let hair soak 5-10 minutes.
Rinse the hair and apply conditioner to hair.  Use the same downward motion during application, making sure to coat all strands.  You can allow the conditioner to sit for a few minutes and rinse it out.
Remove rubber band, pat the hair dry and put rubber band on the nose of the plastic hanger to hang dry.  I like to put the hair in the shower to drip dry.
And that, my friend, is all.  Within a couple of hours you will have clean Marley hair to use at your leisure.
Can you blow dry the hair?  I wouldn’t recommend it since it is synthetic and highly flammable. 
Now excuse me while I go figure out a style for this hair…
How do you wash and reuse your Marley hair?

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