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MANE Events: The Curly ‘Fro + Video Tutorial

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same style, different day
Ahhhhh, the Curly ‘Fro! Can you believe this was one of my first natural styles?  Back in the day, this was my #2 go to style (twist outs were number one), but it gained so much popularity in my routine because it’s just way too easy to do.  My lazy nights consisted of moisturizing my hair and putting it in large twists.. 10 minutes TOPS!  Now, my lazy nights consist of doing absolutely nothing, but that’s for another post…  

…And I just love the way it looks!  It’s the closest style I can achieve that looks similar to my curl pattern without the extra knots and tangles due to my tight curl pattern.  And as *in my Family Matters theme song voice* Daysssss Gooooo Byyyyyyyy it gets bigger and bigger!  I control the volume by adding a water based product (simply reversion tactics).  
Creating this style is as easy as maintaining it – try it for yourself!

Have you ever rocked a curly fro?