Day 20: When Winning or Losing Just Isn’t Enough… [The Self Love Project]

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This is a peaceful post.

I could go on and on about how Carolina beat Dook tonight, but I won’t.  I could… but I won’t.  Especially since my husband is a Dook fan… but I won’t.  I won’t do it.
I’ve learned that life isn’t about winning or losing, but only about living and learning.  Mistakes are inevitable, but how we receive the experience shapes and molds us into who we will become.  It’s not about going out there and “winning” in life.  I’ll always be a “winner” in life because I won’t lose.  I never lose!  I just live and learn.
Whether I’m learning how to be confident in my decisions, new yoga poses, or how to cook a new recipe, I am able to say that I am truly living because I am willing to learn something new.  And I enjoy living my life to the fullest! #lifelonglearner

My life is about living and learning, not winning and losing.