Day 24: Love is… Me [The Self Love Project]

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I can’t get Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” out of my head.

It’s been playing for a few days now… probably a week and it’s on constantly rotation.  We love to listen to it on vinyl!  That and “Love Is You” by Chrisette Michelle.  “Love is permission to be who I am… no inhibitions ’cause you understand…”  Whew, that is so POWERFUL!

My life has changed, y’all.  I find myself complaining less.  I find my heart being open to more things.  I cried baby tears at a wedding proposal video I saw earlier today… what is going on with me?

I am so tickled by love.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness between people, not even romantically, though.  Have you ever seen two siblings share food or their toys?  Or have you ever seen dogs clean one another?  Or have you ever seen the sun shine bright enough to melt away the ice and snow?  That’s love.  I see love in everything.  I feel love in all that I do.  Love is indeed who I am and I am open to receiving it and giving it daily.

“Good and positive love is flowing through me and to me at all times.”