Self Love Project

Day 25: Balls to the Wall! I’m Busting Out of My Shell [The Self Love Project]

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Being comfortable is overrated.
How can we grow if we aren’t able to adapt to new situations?

This Self Love Project has taught me that in order for me to grow, I have to be able to venture outside of my comfort zone.  I have learned SOOOOO so much about who I am physically, mentally and spiritually and am learning more and more each and everyday.  How in the world is there so much about me that I don’t know?  I can only attribute it to being stuck in a place of complacency or simply ignoring or putting off involvement in experiences or situations that will help me grow as an individual.

That’s what it boils down to… fear.  Not anymore, though!

So to be fair to myself and to better adapt to change, I have made it a goal to do one thing differently a day:  
Try a new route home.  
Try a new dish.  
Switch up my hair.  
Change my nail polish.  
Use a new vocabulary word.  
Try a new yoga pose.  
Think before I speak.  
It could be anything, really… the slightest thing to the most drastic thing, but I just do ONE thing differently that will keep me open to change.  Hell, if I keep myself guessing I can only imagine how others are feeling when they are on the outside looking in!

“Everyday I stretch my comfort zone by doing one thing differently.”