Day Eight: Loving You Is Like Food to My Soul [The Self Love Project]

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I was introduced to music at a very early age.  I learned how to play piano and clarinet,  and tried my best to dabble in the musical instruments of my brothers – trumpet and saxophone.  I also can carry a tune – you know, something slight or whatever, but a tune nonetheless.  My family said when I was younger I was a walking radio, able to sing any and every song that I heard like it was nothing.  I kinda still am.  I hear a tune and can completely go for it without even knowing the words!  It sounds ridiculous at times, but I make it work for me.
Well today we relocated the record player to the living room for surround sound music.  It’s something about vintage vinyl spinning (even scratching) that makes music all the better to listen to, yanno?  We spun record after record of hits ranging from Anita Baker to Prince to New Edition and mellowed out, sung to the top of our lungs or just vibed.  It was soooo relaxing!  
I’ve also learned how to make transpose everything sound around me to something musical!  It makes me more aware and at the same time, comforts me in unknown places.  I guess that’s why it’s tattooed behind my ears…
In good times, bad times, trying times, happy times… whatever the time, I can count on music to speak to my soul.

So if you see me cutting a rug, know this: I enjoy listening to and playing music.  It soothes my soul in times of chaos.

  • Vanessa

    What a beautiful connect you have with music

  • Faye Wallace

    Sounds like my son… I am glad you have held onto that, I pray he does as well. Stay blessed!

  • Thank you Faye!

  • Thank you Vanessa!