Day Nine: [The Self Love Project]

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Today’s affirmation reminds me of the scene from Lion King. It is there one where Mufasa and Simba sitting on the edge of the cliff overlooking the kingdom and Mufasa is explaining to him that whatever the light touches, he rules. Then, Simba so innocently asks “But what about that shadowy place?” and Mufasa replies, “That’s beyond our borders. You must never go there, Simba.”

God’s message to me is something like that.  Don’t dwell in the shadows, you know… the place where darkness dwells.  Stay in the light.  Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven (Matthew 5:16).  See, it’s not about me.  I ask God to be with me every day (I don’t think He could ever get TOO many invitations to be apart of my life – I’m slightly OD when it comes to making sure He stays).  I do good great things because God is a part of my spiritual being. 
And yeaaaa, there are times where I do venture into those shadowy places.  But I won’t stay there.  You see, once you see the light you know truth.  You know your truth.  You know darkness is no where to stay and you won’t make a home there.  You fight with all of your might to get out and find the light.  I also know that because He is a part of my life, there will always be light.  And where there is light, there is no fear.  And where there is no fear, there is greatness to be achieved!

I’m starting this week off with a message to myself: beyond the shadows of doubt lies my dreams and determination.