Day One: Imma Do Me! [The Self Love Project]

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Today has been utterly relaxing.  
I’ve been off my yoga kick since the start of the new year…

Actually, before then.  Like since last year.  In my mind, I didn’t have time – that, and I was lazy.  I just kept missing class and after having excuse after excuse I just stopped altogether.  My husband loves encouraging me to go to the gym, but I vowed to not step foot into one this year.  Why?  I don’t like running in the gym maybe because it doesn’t feel organic.  I’ve never really been a fan of treadmills either and it doesn’t help that I am in MN in the middle of the winter.  But I wanted to do right by me, by what my body says it needs and it needs yoga more than running in a gym.  At least today that’s what it’s been telling me.
I woke up this morning with yoga on my mind and it was the first activity I completed.  When I went back to yoga, I remembered why I started in the beginning.  I do it to focus, balance and connect.  I do it for meditation.  I do it for me.
The hubby and I also went for our massage sessions today.  PAMPER SESSION! Normally, I ask for full body but today I focused on upper body only.  It was soooo relaxing and so absolutely necessary.  I walked out feeling rejuvenated! Ugh… the after massage high is so real!!
We came back home to be greeted by a parade going on outside, but guess what? I didn’t want to go.  Even if everyone else wanted to watch I didn’t.  I wanted to decompress and enjoy my Saturday night in comfy harem pants with some lit candles and soft music.  And that’s what I’m doing right this instant.
I believe the best part of the day was not feeling rushed to do anything in particular, yanno?  I didn’t have to rush through my yoga session, I got to enjoy time to myself during my massage and now I’m home enjoying my family.  And I stayed true to me.  No matter what everyone else around me was doing I decided to do what I wanted to do.  And it felt good.  Life is so awesome.

Simply stated: I am in control of my mind.  Therefore, I am not influenced by what others do or don’t do.  I do what’s best for me.