Day Ten: Ridin’ Clean! [The Self Love Project]

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For the majority of today, I was without a vehicle.  Actually, both the hubby and I were without vehicles.  Yep, they both were in the shop.  And guess who doesn’t fix cars?  Take a wild one.  You guessed correctly if you guessed me OR him…  That’s for sure.
I don’t have the tools to do all of that, but I do have the faith in the mechanics to get the job done for me.  That’s what they do, right?  They fix cars.  So it takes me stepping back, accepting that that’s not my ministry, and allowing them to do what they do to make my situation better.  But don’t consider it one-sided folks.  Yes, they fix cars but remember there is also capital involved.  Exchanging a service for a service – so we are helping one another out even if they situation isn’t the most of fortunates.  We have faith in one another to make it… right.
So yes, we may not have the necessary tools to complete a task  – the money, the education, the circumstances – but the questions I have to ask myself are:

Is it just an excuse to not get something or is it something I really need? (self check)  
Can I do what needs to be done without said tool?  
If not, is there something that I can do in the meantime that will still get me closer to my goal even though I may not have the tools at the moment?  
If I don’t have the tools, how can I gain access to them?  
What steps do I need to take to get me exactly what I need?

I realize that I have to eventually make a move forward or continue to make excuses.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but if I’m not trying then what am I doing?  My faith also tells me that if I need something I should ask for it.  I may not have all the tools I need but SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE has SOMETHING.  Whatever it is, know that when your faith is stronger than your fears possibilities are indeed endless!  Gotta stay humble and open, yo.
Long story short we’ve got our cars back and we are smooth riding once again.  Funny how you never know how much you use something until it’s out of reach.  Good thing we have our feet, though *praise Him for the small victories*

I may not have all of the tools, but I do have the faith to propel me forward.