Days 21, 22 and 23: I LOVE MY LIFE! [The Self Love Project]

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Ever wanted to just … be lazy?
Then I remember this affirmation and realize that I cannot afford to be lazy… at least not on this day.  I woke up with a ready to conquer the world attitude.  I put my best foot forward and made the best use of my time!  Though I may not see the fruits of my labor today, I know that by my consistency and dedication to doing what I love I will make it into what I envision.
I am responsible for making things happen, for taking and creating opportunities, and for putting my best foot forward – always!
I take full responsibility over my life.
Life is TOO SHORT.  
I know, clich√© saying but it is completely true.  
Today my hubster signed us (me, him and his best friend) for the Polar Plunge.  The Polar Plunge is an event in which people cut out a block of ice from a lake and individuals such as myself jump into the water.  In essence that’s pretty much all that happens, but it is to raise money for the Special Olympics.  Well, we raised enough money for the three of us to jump and while I had my doubts, I figured if I could jump from 10K feet out of a plane I could jump into some freezing, cold water.  And I did.
Not only did that happen, but we met up with more friends, created more memories and truly had the time of our lives!
I am unafraid of creating meaningful memories while enjoying my life completely!
Can we say POOPED?!  I am so exhausted today, y’all.  The weekend was jammed pack full of craziness, I also got to see one of my best friends today (he’s in town) so it was a lot of back and forth from the airports to restaurants, to airports, to … geez.  My body NEEDS sleep.
When I first started grinding out in life it’s a whole “sleep is the cousin of death” mantra that I would be so quick to recite.  I learned that sleep IS important.  Your body NEEDS to rest in order to properly function.  I make sure I get enough sleep so that I can relax and my body can recover from the day before because really, if your body is tired and your mind is tired, how effective can you really be?
Sleep is vital to my life and I allow myself to sleep peacefully.