Finances: 5 Apps or Programs That Easily Track Your Finances

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By Marsha B
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the organization and planning that goes into personal finances? Papers are all over the place, you pay a bill and another comes, a calculator can rarely be found-the list goes on and on.

From a personal perspective one would refer to me as a dinosaur (very old school), notebook, pencil, bills. I have to pat myself on the back though-I love this stuff Sunday-Saturday. This may seem to be a bit (Girl you need to get a life) for many; however, a bill book is my bestie, well not really but kinda. There is just something about the simplicity that clicks with money management when you finally realize the name of the game is organization and commitment.

If you are familiar on any level with the internet and apps, chances are you have read, or heard about some of the organizational tools to assist with managing your finances. A dear friend shared a list with me; therefore, I would like to pay it forward and share a few of those with you to include more that I stumbled upon. Ready? Read?

Venmo: Venmo provides a social way to pay your friends when you owe them money and don’t want to deal with cash. Sending and requesting money to and from your friends is simple in Venmo, and you can even send money to people who don’t have Venmo accounts by simply using their phone number or email address (they will need to sign up up to accept your payment). If you have money in your Venmo balance, you can leave it there forever and use it to pay your friends. However, if you need some of the money in your balance sent to your bank account, you can cash out. Cash outs typically take one day to hit your account.

Mint: Mint merges all of your accounts making them easily accessible and manageable. A genius invention, Mint will also categorize your purchases. You will have the ability to monitor your spending through the desktop application or from your phone. Beware, Mint will open your eyes to your TRUE spending habits.

Moneytrackin: Moneytrackin allows you to understand how you are spending money, observe where your money goes, and Keep track of shared expenses. Easy breezy.

Mvelopes: I absolutely adore this one, considering it combines modern day technology with old school values. Mvelopes allows you to gain control of your finances, by walking you through the set-up process, and helping you to create a personalized spending plan. In just a few minutes you will be well on your way to financial freedom. Finance made easy.

Check: Check is a multi-award-winning app that alleviates the hassle and stress associated with financial management. Check is very similar to many of the apps previously mentioned; one key feature that this little jewel provides is a quick calculation that tells you how much cash you have to spend after your bills are paid.

There are several apps available on the World Wide Web, both on our desktops and mobile devices. As with anything important in life feel free to take and use whatever works best for you.

Remember there’s always room on my side of the dinosaur age (notebook, pencil, bills)

Are you currently using a specific application to manage your day to day finances?

Marsha B. is the founder of Financial Empowerment, a non-profit organization committed to the financial well-being of women, young adults, and children. You can find her on twitter (finance_litcoac), instagram (marsha_finance101) and Facebook (/FinancialEmpowerment).