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The Quick AND Perfect Bantu Knot Out on Natural Hair

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How long does it take to get the perfect bantu knot out?

pRoy DEFINITELY has that answer!  I conducted a little experiment *evil grin while twiddling finger tips* to see how long it would take me to get my desired bantu knot out results in the least amount of time.  I can say this: in the past, I haven’t had the best of luck with bantu knot outs.  Hell, I didn’t even think I would get this attempt just right because I’m not well versed in the bantu knot out ministry.  Lo and behold I got INCREDIBLE results!  I wanted to share how I achieved my results.  Keep reading!

Products/Materials Needed:
Setting Spray/Lotion
Oil of Choice
Bobbi Pins/Hair Pins (optional)

  1. On DRY hair, section hair into medium/large section and apply setting spray/lotion.  I used 2 squirts of Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion per section to saturate the section and comb (starting from tips to root) to evenly distribute product and to thoroughly detangle hair.  
  2. Add oil to seal in the moisture.  I used one spray of ORS Nature’s Shine to seal in my moisture.  
  3. Twist hair until it starts to overlap itself and form a bantu knot.  Secure with Bobbi pin or hair pin for extra security.  
  4. Repeat process until all hair is in bantu knots.  I had a total of 13 bantu knots.
  5. Once dry, release bantu knots, separate hair, and fluff to liking.
After two hours of setting my hair looked like this:

After seven hours of setting my hair looked like this:

Well, the two hour set produced a more fluffy, yet still defined bantu knot out.  It gave me the big hair I craved (volume) but still had some definition.  The seven hour set produced a very defined knot out, lacking in volume, but probably could be a little bigger if picked out more.  Both of them came out perfectly to me!
You can check out the whole process here:

Having trouble viewing the video?  Click here.
Which of the results do you prefer – the two hour bantu knot out or the seven hour bantu knot out?